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Global Citizens Initiative: Modern Day Slavery


During this week’s Global Citizen’s Initiative class, we discussed human rights, specifically focusing on slavery. Though slavery is illegal pretty much everywhere, it still is a major problem around the world. We watched this TED talk that showed specific examples of slavery around the world, including Ghana. Please take the time to watch:


I just went to Lake Volta a few weekends ago and I feel horrified that some of the people I saw fishing could have been slaves. Here’s a link to the website for the organization that is mentioned in the video:

If you have the time, peruse the website to hear more about the organization’s work. Especially take a gander at the “Take Action” page!


Sustainable Development


Part of ProWorld’s mission is to educate, thus I have a biweekly class called Global Citizens Initiative. For my first class, we talked about sustainable development and how it relates to our projects. We summed it up by watching this Ted talk by Ernesto Sirolli. Despite only being here two weeks, I can really relate to his ideas about aid and development in Africa.

I hope you enjoy! Ernesto Sirolli is actually pretty hilarious as well as brillant.