Back in Ghana!



I flew back to Ghana this past Friday and spent the night in the lovely Travella Lodge. The owner, Auntie Sheila, is incredibly hospitable and even remembered me from when I first arrived three months ago! For the next two and a half weeks, the ProWorld House is hosting a study abroad group from Missou, and I happened to meet a few of the students at the airport. Sarah asked me to show the newcomers around in Accra and help pick-up another latecomer from the airport. It was interesting to see the first impressions of the new students.


I am really happy and slightly relieved to be back in Ghana. Who knew that I’d come to think of Ghana as home in such a short time? I was particularly excited to see my ProWorld family, my host family, and my coworkers. My vacation in Spain and Portugal didn’t go that well. For example, I was pickpocketed on Christmas and lost credit cards, my debit cards, and my IDs. It could have been worse though, I didn’t lose my passport!


Anyways, since this blog is about my experiences in Ghana, I’m not planning on writing long posts about my trip. I went to a bunch of museums, took some walking tours, and ate a lot of pork! Unfortunately, it rained almost the entire time and I was frequently cold from the dampness. I did love looking at the beautiful architecture and learning about the history of Madrid and Porto. I took a million photos during my trip, but here are just couple:


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