A Weekend in the Volta Region: Day One



This past weekend a group of seven of us headed east to the Volta Region. I’m honestly fairly ignorant about the differences in the regions in Ghana, and had no idea what was so special about Volta. All I knew was that everyone that I’ve talked to about Ghana mentioned that I should pay the area a visit.

We stayed overnight on Thursday at the ProWorld bunkhouse because we needed to leave and we all live in different areas of Cape Coast. Abby and I got up at 4:30 and rallied the rest of the group to get going so that we could leave sometime around 5:00AM. Our group had hired a private trotro for 1300 cedi. While this is pretty expensive, it is difficult to travel around to the different attractions in Volta and we would have spent a lot of money on taxis anyway. Plus it was super helpful to have a place to keep all of stuff while we were look climbing waterfalls or looking at monkeys.

I slept the three hours to Accra before we stopped to use the washroom and stop at the ATM. Our tro driver picked up two of his friends that supposedly knew the Volta region very well (Hint: They didn’t). I think that our driver didn’t want spend three days by himself and a bunch of obrunis. We drove a few more hours before getting in the vicinity of the Cedi Bead Factory, and promptly get lost for about forty-five minutes. After turning around several times and calling the factory, we made it!IMG_0743

The Cedi Bead Factory was started by a man named Cedi (Go figure) and made a combination of recycled glass and traditional krobo beads. We were given a short tour on the bead-making process before given the opportunity to buy some. Basically, the beads are either made out of recycled glass bottles or a combination of minerals. The materials are placed into a mold and are melting in a clay oven. They are taken out and left to cool for about two days. From there, either type of bead can be painted and re-fired, or simply left as is. The beads are then washed and ready to go! It sounds like an easy process, but it does take a lot of artistry to perfect the material combinations and the heating process.

Materials used for bead-making

Materials used for bead-making

After the bead factory, we stopped for lunch and continued our journey into the Volta region. It was fairly obvious when we finally entered the region. We started to see mountains lush with trees and grasses, and passed over a piece of Lake Volta on one of the few bridges in the country. Volta is easily the most beautiful place in Ghana.

Lake Volta

Lake Volta

We made it to our hotel, Wli Waterfall Hotel, by nightfall and checked out the restaurant. While it hosted a variety of continental dishes, it was extremely expensive (For Ghanaian standards). We decided to bypass the 20 cedi pizzas and look for a more affordable option. We stumbled upon this spot that boasted it was “Ladies’ Night.” We never figured out what that meant, but we feasted on some fried rice with chicken and a couple of beers. We walked back to our hotel and were in bed by 9PM. After all, we needed our beauty sleep for our hike to the waterfall the following day.


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