A Weekend in Paradise


I had a lovely weekend! For the first time, I felt like I was on vacation. Once a week, everyone gets together at the ProWorld bunkhouse for either a Fante lesson or Global Citizens Initiative (GCI) class. Afterwards we either go out to eat or cook. Due to a holiday on Tuesday, GCI was bumped to Friday and I was assigned to cook with a fellow participant. We scrounged the obruni shops and found ingredients for pasta and cheesy garlic bread. I’ve never been so happy to eat cheese!

On Saturday morning, we had our monthly Impact Project, in which we pair up with a local organization and help out for a few hours. We were helping HEPENS, a healthcare initiative organization. We helped provide some checkups for a community, taking weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar. I honestly didn’t do that much, but it was nice to see everyone being proactive about their health.

Afterwards, some of us went to a batik-making workshop. Batik is a traditional fabric that uses wax to make designs. It was surprisingly difficult to stamp the wax neatly. Either you press too hard and the design gets smudged, or not hard enough and nothing shows up. Once the wax is stamped, you fold it like regular ole tie-dye, dye the fabric, and then boil off the wax. It was really fun and mine fabric turned out nicely. It was also an incredibly hot process. Between the weather and all the fires used to heat the wax and dyes, I was sweating profusely. That night I went out with two other participants, Abby and Amina. I didn’t stay out long, but had a nice time listening to some Ghanaian music.

Sunday a few of us went to Anamabo Beach resort. You have to pay about 10 cedi to get in, but the beach is cleaned up really well. The guests were all obrunis, mostly from Germany or Scandinavian countries. It was nice to relax and soak up some sun. The waves weren’t too big so we could actually swim. It felt like paradise and was really beautiful. I felt a bit odd about it though because a few hundred feet from the gorgeous beach was such poverty. I almost felt guilty for having such a wonderful time.


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