Kakum National Park


This past weekend Abby and I went on our excursions hosted by ProWorld. The first excursion consisted of a visit to Kakum National Park, which is known for its canopy walk. The canopy walk is a series of seven suspension bridges over 130 feet from the ground. While the guide told us the bridges are strong enough to support an elephant, they looked pretty rickety.

Abby and I

Abby and I

Walking on the bridges was an interesting experience as they rocked and sway with each step. The view was lovely, but a bit hazy. Since we went around mid morning, the only animals we saw were lizards and butterflies. Apparently the more impressive wildlife can only be seen in the dusk or dawn. While we only stayed for an hour or so, travelers with more time on their hands can choose to spend a night in a tree house and get a special sunrise tour. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the canopy walk and the steep hike to reach it.

After our visit to Kakum, we stopped at Han’s Cottage for lunch. Han’s Cottage boasts of having a small pond with around forty friendly crocodiles in it. After eating, the proprietress lured a few crocodiles with some meat in order to give us a chance is pet them and take some pictures. They were better trained than my dogs, following commands such as lie down, jump, and stay. I saw a few baby crocodiles and I found them to be pretty cute!

After lunch, we return home and spent the rest of the day walking around Cape Coast. We met up with another ProWorld intern, Amina, and bought some fabric to make dresses. Overall, it was a really fun day!


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