Personal Updates



Thank god the first week is over! It was rough, but now I’m pretty adjusted to living in Ghana.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts how sick I was feeling. It actually got worse. I got the dreaded diarrhea and was throwing up. Lovely. I gave Sarah, one of the ProWorld coordinators, the head’s up about my condition and she took me to a clinic nearby. There I got my vitals taken and had some blood drawn. The doctor said that my blood count and temperature were low and that I probably had an infection in my intestines. I tested negative for malaria and typhoid, so it wasn’t anything serious. I was given a bunch of drugs and sent on my way. Like many Ghanaian men, my doctor was very forward. He asked me to move in with him and have his children. I thanked him for his offer, but politely declined. Sarah was impressed that I snagged a proposal even being sick. Only in Ghana!

It’s been a few days since the clinic visit, and I’m feeling tons better. I’ve moved back to eating regular food and no longer feel like I’m dying. As for my emotional state, I’m pretty much back to normal. The homesickness is waning and I no longer feel so lonely. It definitely helped that I’ve met up with some of the other participants. I’ve gotten better at communicating with the locals. I’ve adopted the slow, stilted English that the Ghanaians use and have picked up a bit of Fante. I’m also learning my way around Cape Coast. Not everything looks that same anymore!

Lastly, I’ve bonded with my host brothers. Papa Kofi and I hang out almost every night. We watch movies on my laptop and play Uno, which I brought him. We even went to the beach together. Sometimes I find it a bit much since I’m not used to living with a child. I’ve also bonded with Ben. We’ve had several heart-to-heart chats about his complicated love life and he’s shown me picture of his latest vacation to Kenya. If he’s not travelling, Ben promised to take me to the monkey sanctuary. I’m still trying to get close to my host mother, Auntie Alice. According to Sarah, Ghanaian women are fairly reserved and it will take some time for her to open up. She was wonderful while I was sick, feeding me simple foods and reminding me to take my medication. I’m sure that in time we will get closer.

Next I’ll be posting about my experience at Kakum National Park and Cape Coast Castle (If the Internet gods are in my favor).

I’ve attached most pictures of me at a beach resort/restaurant called One Africa.


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