My Homestay Family


Hello everyone!

I wanted to tell you a bit about my homestay family and my experience with them so far. I went home with my family on Sunday evening. My home is on the second floor of an apartment building and is just steps away from the ProWorld Bunkhouse.

My family consists of three people: my “mom,” Auntie Alice, and her two sons, Ben and Papa Kofi. Ben is twenty-eight years old and is just home for a month or so. He wants to go back to school for a degree in business administration. He’s also very well travelled. He’s been to Kenya, Egypt (where his father lives), England, and many other places. Surprisingly, he hasn’t travelled that much within Ghana. However, he wants to rectify that soon. I enjoy talking with him and we’ve watched some television together. Neither of us understands the plot of Lost.

Papa Kofi is eight years old and absolutely adorable. He constantly wants to hang out with me. He always wants to play games on my iPhone or play Uno, which I brought him. He’s also been pretty helpful. I tend to ask him questions that I would be embarrassed to ask the adults, such as how to shower. I generally not very good with children, but Papa Kofi and I are becoming fast friends.

The person I’ve spent the least amount of time with is Auntie Alice. I know that she is a secretary and works very hard. She also is a good cook, apparently one of the best out of the host moms. Her English is not that great, and I suspect that she does not understand me most of the time. I also feel badly when I don’t finish all of the food she gives me. To Ghanaians, that means that I don’t like her cooking.

Like most Ghanaian houses, it is small and only has a few rooms. I also feel a bit guilty having my own room when other people have to share. The bathroom is attached to my room and is split into a toilet and a place to shower. The water doesn’t run in the sink most of the time, so I’ve been using hand sanitizer to wash my hand. The toilet works better than expected. Now for the shower…or lack of one. At home, I take luxuriously long showers with lots of hot water. I had assumed that would change, but not this much. I shower with cold water and two buckets. You fill the large one with water and use the small one to pour over yourself. It’s hard. I can’t seem to figure it out, so I haven’t washed my hair since I got here. No wonder women don’t shave here, it’s just too difficult! I think I’m going to ask if I can shower occasionally at the ProWorld Bunkhouse. Their “shower” only consists of an hand attachment to a bathtub, but it’s better than a bucket!

So that’s my living situation! I’m going to go help Papa Kofi with his homework. Until next time…


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